Non-lucid, some recall: Merpeople

I was at this middle class house in the middle of the city. They had a huge back yard like it was the countryside, with a lake at the bottom of a hill on the property.

I went swimming in the lake with someone else, and some merpeople came up and mocked us for not being real merpeople. I objected, "Yes we are!" They said, "What about those fins, then?" Their tails were shark and angular while ours were simple like the ones in Kingdom Hearts. I hung my head in defeat.

We agreed that we should try to become true merpeople so we went swimming deep in the lake until we became expert swimmers and our tails turned "real".

Later, I killed someone on a dock for some reason. Don't remember the details.

Non-lucid, medium recall: Returning to KHV

Nate_River was filming a video alongside Skype. It was a dance/music video. I jumped in behind him and mimicked his movements. I thought I was hilarious. He posted about it in the KHV megachat. I typed a reply noting my presence and sent it.

Nate freaked out and said, "Holy shit!"

The reply wasn't on Skype like I thought it was. It was on KHV. I was back as my normal user self. I refreshed and looked at it several times because I couldn't believe it.

The thread I had posted in burst with activity. Everyone asked if it was really me. Some people didn't know me and asked who I was and what the fuss was about. Nova came in and said I was the Barista of [something to do with debating]. It started with a B. It was an awesome title in the dream.

I browsed his profile. He seemed to be doing well. It made me happy that he came to represent me.

Later, I met Derek Hale from Teen Wolf in my little brother's room as a physical projection of somewhere on KHV. His personality was much more chipper than it was when he was Derek in the show. We exchanged excited greetings. He said he couldn't believe it was me and that he was very glad to see me. He looked at me like I had come back from the dead and if he looked away I be dead again.

There was someone else in the room doing their own thing. Derek noticed they didn't know what going on and asked them, "Do you know who this is?" They said, "No." He said to them, "This is Makaze. (S)he is a genius. A genius of ..." He kept going to explain why he thought that by talking about the past. I felt flattered but unhappy because I felt I had not earned praise as great as that.

Later, I was talking to Mish in the same place. She asked me how I got back. I told her I had no idea.

We caught up. When she understood the situation she asked me one last question. "Are you red?" I was wearing a red shirt, but nothing else was red. I said, "No, but I should be. Let me get some clothes on." She had meant as staff, but I meant as a style preference. I skipped into my room and pulled on a pair of red pants. I had been walking about wearing only a shirt and underwear up to this point.

When I got back to the room again, my little brother was there. He was an administrator. Blue name and all. I was baffled. "How did you become admin? Did you unban me?" He shrugged. I looked at him frustratedly. 'Typical administrator,' I thought. I continued to ask him, "How did you become an admin? Did Misty and the others leave?" I imagined that he had taken over after they retired. I imagined how dead KHV would have to be for that to happen. It made me unhappy. He shrugged again. I got the impression that they were coming back. I asked, "What now?" He said, "You're unbanned for now."

I wasn't be satisfied with that, so I implored him further, "Can't you keep me unbanned even after they come back?" He ignored me. "All I want is to be able to post." After a long pause, he replied, "Okay." I sighed in relief.

Then I woke up.

Non-lucid, medium recall: Doctor Who Soundtracks and Dishwashers

I was standing alone in a dark green wilderness with Saxima. It was Saxima's birthday. I gave her the Doctor Who soundtracks because I knew she wanted them. She said she appreciated it, but the discs I had only contained the themes from the Matt Smith era and she wanted the old ones.

I turned around and saw the Doctor standing by the edge of the woods. I went to him and asked him if I could talk to him about the soundtracks he gave me. He said yes and began to walk down a stream. I told him that I had really wanted the older soundtracks and that I thought he had given them to me. He said, "They are in the past now, and I don't want to revisit it." I implored him because it was important to me. As we walked, the stream and everything around it seemed to become more golden, and I felt like we were walking into the past, if only slightly. I kept walking in the hope that I would get my wish by accident.

Before we could get anywhere, the Doctor asked me if I wouldn't rather have this nice dishwasher instead, and I realized that we were standing in a spacious apartment. I looked at the dishwasher, situated in an island kitchen in the middle of the room. It was large and pristine in its glossy black glory. I told him that it was very nice, but that it wasn't what I wanted, and that I would have to insist. When he asked again, he had turned into my father, who was telling me the same thing; that I should be happy with this nice place and wonderful dishwasher. He told me that he had seen someone wash a shirt in it just the other day, and it came out perfectly. I got saw this happening. It washed and dried the long sleeve white shirt without a problem, but I was not satisfied.

I woke up without agreeing to anything.

Non-lucid; short: Saxima taking me Away

I was standing in a building somewhere with my family. I was carrying a duffle bag full of clothes and necessities. We walked up to a bar and I sat down on a stool, setting my bag beside me. I was chatting with my family about something. I felt relaxed.

Saxima showed up a moment later with a bag of her own. I was surprised. She was beautiful. Amidst my staring, she asked me if I was ready and if I had my cash. I said yes. Without a second's hesitation, she said, "Let's go." I felt like things were moving too fast, but I knew I didn't have time to waste. It was now or never. I waved to my family, then grabbed my bag and followed her.

After we rounded a corner, she dropped her bag and turned to face me. I dropped mine too. She stepped towards me and I reached down to hug her. We embraced for a few seconds and then came to our senses. We were back on our way before anyone could see us.

I don't remember anything else.

Non-lucid, medium recall: Suits, Escalators and Ice Cream

I walked into a large building from a previous dream. This building had glass walls and hardwood flooring. I went up a set of stairs and entered my office directly to the right, the office closest to the entrance of the building. It was walled by glass on all sides and contained only a single desk and three chairs; one for me at the desk and two for guests. I knew that I was working at Pearson Hardman, from Suits. I was wearing a suit and tie.

I began looking over my paperwork when Jessica from walked in. She asked me if I had noticed the changed. I hadn't. She pointed to my door. It read Dr. Mike Ross. She held up a 1' x 2' glass plaque with my name and title on it and offered it to me. I was elated. I knew that this meant I was a senior partner. She asked me if I remembered the case she had me working. Like the escalator, I had not, but I told her I did to save face. She handed me the plaque and said congratulations before leaving. I admired the piece as I set about my work.

A moment later, Harvey came in to check on me. I showed him the plaque and said, "Doroth- I mean, Jessica promoted me." I thought to myself that I had made many mistakes today. I chuckled to myself. "I can't believe I was about to say Dorothy. Me, right?" Harvey did not look happy. He asked me if I had something ready, and I said that I didn't. He knew something was off with me. He said, "You had better get things together, or you won't be working here anymore." The smile disappeared from my face and I nodded to him. I got back to work as soon as he turned away.

Later that day, I was at a mall kind of place wearing casual clothing. I tried to go up the escalator but went into the downward one by mistake. I scrambled over the rails to the upwards escalator in embarrassment. The ride was long, so I noticed there were were a few people besides me. There was a small high school Japanese girl to the left of me and a middle aged Japanese man above and to the right of me. I had a small bowl of ice cream that I had bought at just before getting on. It was multi-flavored and had a giant Kit-Kat embedded in it. I was hungry, so I decided to eat it. The girl and the man had the same bowl of ice cream and they began eating theirs as well.

I suddenly became aware of the cultural disparity in how much we ate. I did not want to feel like a gluttonous Westerner, but was too hungry and too resourceful to waste a good bowl of ice cream. The girl and the man ate about half of her bowl at the same pace as me before they had to stop eating, but I kept going. The girl and the man tried each to take one more bite of ice cream, but ended up spitting it out all over the escalator. The girl spit hers out into my bowl. I worried that she was doing it to spite me.

Semi-lucid, little recall: WZ and Bobby

From a looooooong time ago. I thought I recorded it.

I remember being in a back room type of place with a lot of video equipment, like the storage room for a studio. White Zangetsu was there and he was hitting on me, saying things like, "Come on, you know you want to," and dry humping me. I thought it was way too surreal and figured I had to be dreaming. I tried to think of ways to tell, like I had to test it beyond thinking that I must be. I thought, "Bobby knows how to tell. I have to find Bobby." I went around looking for him until I woke up.

I still kick myself over this. I was so close, but yet so far.


Non-lucid, medium recall: Hoarding, Evil Kings, Rescuing Kids

I was in a giant factory-like setting. It had a very dystopian feel to it. The king of this land was a very nasty sort with no empathy or love for anyone. A tall, blonde man was he. He reminded me of The Master from the Doctor Who reboot.

There was a long line of lawn-mower like machines heading towards a big machine that was sucking them up. The machines were filled with currency; all kinds of coins. When they were sucked up by the big machine, some coins would get tossed to the side. I didn't have a machine myself, so I went to the corner and gathered up all of the coins that fell there for myself. I had amassed quite a pile when the king and his guard found me.

The king ordered me dead. I ran down the alley beside the machine, but they chased me. When they were about to kill me (with spears), the queen stepped between them and me and said, "Don't!" She had two children with her, a five year old boy and a nine year old girl; the prince and the princess. The king approached when the guards stopped. When he saw the queen and the kids, he knew what had happened and said, "Fiiiiiine. Let him go." I could tell he still wanted me dead, but the queen stayed with me and took me with her when she left.

Some time later, I was in the ventilation system with the queen and the king was playing with his children in the pool. The queen and I went up to a vent near the pool and watched him. At first he seemed to be innocently playing, but then he pushed his daughter's head under and grinned maniacally. The boy saw and ran away to the other side of the room on his bicycle. The queen and I startled and made toward a vent open to the pool area. We yelled for the kids to come running. The boy got there but couldn't jump high enough, so I leaned out the window and pulled him on. A minute later, the girl cycled up and I yelled to her. "Run!" The king was just behind her, calling out to her. She looked at me, and then turned back and ran to her daddy. I screamed back, "No!"

Then I woke up.